Recent Case Studies

Event Management Company

This company had grown quickly and organically, resulting in the need for robust systems and procedures to be implemented in preparation for the next stage of growth.

To that end Carey helped to create a management team, chaired the monthly management meetings and supported the managers in the effective completion of their allocated actions. In addition she set up weekly operational meetings with each manager to ensure the smooth running of each department.

As part of the development of an effective Human Resource process she engaged in staff interviews, created an induction programme, provided staff training and development and ongoing support through coaching and mentoring to ensure staff where up and running quickly and effectively.

Café, Bar & Restaurant

Carey worked closely with the bookkeeper to create a more streamlined accountancy system to help manage the complexity of this large and diverse venue. She helped to develop budgets using Sage and implemented a financial control system that contributed to saving the company £34k a year on gas and electricity bills alone.

In addition she helped to develop a quality control system as well as providing support and advice to the partners.

Farm Diversification

The managing director of this business wanted to develop what had been fairly small scale seasonal production of fresh fir wreaths to a seamless procedure from customer order to successful delivery. The systems Carey introduced have ensured excellent customer satisfaction as well as a process that has allowed a year on year increase in turnover.

Once established she trained and mentored the newly recruited administrator and provided occasional and ongoing support to oversee a smooth production throughout the busy, seasonal period.

Property Rental Company

With her vast experience of running a property rental agency, Carey was ideally placed to help this company. She reviewed their property portfolio and explored ways they were able to improve and expand it. This created specific expansion projects that helped to increase the company’s asset value.

At the same time, Carey was able to examine and streamline the current office procedures to create more efficient and effective systems.

Wine Bar

When Michael began working with this company there was no stock control system in place and the stock value was too large. He implemented a ‘lean’ system that meant reorganising the cellar, limiting the stock of alcohol carried to the number needed to run the business effectively whilst also keeping costs down and ensuring safety checks to reduce any risks of misplaced items. Once in place he ran a training session to ensure all staff were conversant with the new processes, as well as the placing of stock to create a more effective use of time for retrieval.

Security Company

Having worked with the projects team previously and having completed the DS Security Industry Authority (SIA) course, Michael then took on a Project Management role to co-ordinate various international deployments and managing a variety of UK based projects, focusing on asset protection and asset recovery.

This involved the recruitment, deployment and co-ordination of multiple static security teams working on a variety of high profile sporting events; the successful security provision of well known Countryside Fairs and large Motor Vehicle Exhibition Festival working closely with the internal operations teams and their clients; whilst executing the Security and Stewarding Management plans for a Charity Half Marathon (Leeds) and large outdoor Children’s Festivals (Leeds & Manchester)

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