Our Business Consultancy service specialises in

With over 30 years combined experience in traditional Property Lettings & Management we can offer you a completeand comprehensive consultancy service for your business, whether it’s property development, traditional lettings, serviced accommodation or a combinationof them all. We are specialists in the areas of investment, property, business development and marketing and can offer advice and practical guidance in all of these fields. We can offer you a full days consultancy on a One to One basis with the company directors and ongoing support afterwards as and when you need it.


With over 30 years combined experience in traditional Property Lettings & Management we can offer you a complete and comprehensive service designed for landlords by landlords. More recently we have diversified into Serviced Accommodation, SA Management, Mentorship and specific Property Sourcing not just for high net worth clients but more and more for the average every day landlord looking to maximise their investments.

Business Development

We can help you to produce a Business Development Plan that outlines how you implement your business development strategy. It can be a plan for an individual, a practice or the firm as a whole. Its scope will cover the marketing and sales functions both at a strategic and operational level to ensure efficient implementation of the agreed strategy. We give insight into our own business models as examples of what can be achieved.


We can show you fully transparent actual investments we are involved in, as we are not FCA registered we do not offer investment advice and this is merely “guidance” and can help you understand the different investment options available to you before you decide for yourself how to invest. Some people use this to narrow down their options before seeking advice from an FCA registered body.


Our Marketing specialist can help you to produce and implement a Marketing Strategy for your property business, whether it’s development, lettings, serviced accommodation or a combination of all of them. A Marketing Strategy covers market research, SWOT analysis, competitor analysis, positioning, branding and budget, which will determine the Marketing Plan to include advertising, direct marketing, social media, PR and more, according to your strategy.

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